Top Tier Heroes: Best Hero of Each Class in Fortnite Save The World

There are so many heroes in this game, we have a fair share of reskins from BR that we don’t even know about. The recently chromium heroes turned out to be reskins of Bullet Storm Jonesy which really pissed me off. Every player has their own play-style so it doesn’t really matter which hero you are player, as long as you help your team out with the game it shouldn’t really matter. For example a constructors main work in a mission it to build and fortify the base using the B.A.S.E ability. Similarly, soldiers are damage dealers, lets find out which one’s are the best.

Fortnite Top Tier Heroes

As you might already know, the game has four classes: Soldier, Outlander, Constructor and Ninjas.

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Note: Everything mentioned in this article is my own opinion, I have been playing Save The World since it was released. I am power level 86 at the moment with almost everything leveled up.

Save the World Hero Classes

There are multiple classes for every hero, I am going to mention the best ones and the meta ones accordingly. You can go with whatever you feel is better for you.


Outlanders were in meh state before, but after the changes to fragments were made, they have become really good now. If you don’t like shooting too much then Outlanders are for you. Outlanders are great for farming as well, Pathfinder Jess has amazing damage buff to the harvesting tool which makes farming materials very easy.

Best Outlander Heroes

  • Reclaimer: Top 1 in my list of heroes, combine the power of Shock Tower and Teddy Bear with Hover Turrets. This hero class is perfect if you don’t like aiming and shooting. Let your abilities do all the damage, on top of it, Reclaimer also has a great squad bonus ability which offers extra energy damage.
  • Pathfinder: Mainly focuses on farming and has a great Loot Llama which drops double rare loot when fully destroyed. Not a great damage dealer though, but amazing for farming. Pathfinders are something that people don’t really like in their groups, so it is always better to take this hero in Rescue the Survivor and Destroy The Encampment missions.
  • Ranger: Great DPS based Outlander whose abilities focuses on buffing pistol damage. The buffs are Eagle Eye which increases the crit rating of the pistols by 18% and Hipshot which increases the pistol damage by 24%. If you put another ranger in your support slot then you’ll be dealing 48% more damage with a pistol.


I really like shooting husks, coming from a game like CS:GO, shooting has always been a thing for me. Getting headshots is not something very difficult if you are coming from a skill based game. Soldiers main focus is on asssault rifle damage and mostly grenades.

Best Soldier Classes

  • Urban Assault: Easy to obtain and heavy damage dealer. Urban Assault is a headshot focused soldier that provides multiple buffs with every headshot. The buffs being increased fire rate and better reload speed. If you are new to the game and get her by any chance, you should focus on leveling her up right away. The hero eats a lot of ammo but shooting becomes a lot of fun with the buffs you are awarded with. One more thing about Urban Assault is the grenade ability called “Keep Out” which leaves a residual energy field, doing 15% of the initial grenade blast damage every 1 second, over 10 seconds.
  • Raider: Raider Heroes focus mainly on Shotgun damage, raider heroes have multiple abilities that provide buffs to shotguns. On top of that, the damage can be further increased using War Cry. If you love close quarters and shooting husks in the face, Raider heroes might be the best for you.

There are other classes as well, but the main aim of this guide is to list the best ones out there. So I have only listed the best ones.


This game is all about building forts, hence called Fortnite. If you love building then Constructors might be the heroes that you’d like.

Best Constructor Classes

  • Mega BASE: There are multiple mythic heroes in the game, but Mega stands out of the crowd with the insane reach of the BASE ability. The base deals damage, on top of it, it generates resources for you.
  • Power BASE: There’s only one Power Base hero called as Power BASE Knox. Knox has amazing base reach with Power Modulation which regenerates the health of all the buildings. Knox also has the important abilities such as resource production, Decoy and Plasma Pulse. Not many people talk about it, but Knox will be top one in my list if you don’t have the Mega BASE Kyle.
  • Demolitionist: This is a limited time hero that is available through the Blockbuster Llama. This class has BASE, Bull Rush and Decoy Ability. The ability that makes it one of the best is Enduring Machine which makes your weapon take 60% less durability damage while on BASE. I love rocking explosive weapons while using this constructor hero.


Ninjas focus solely on melee damage, if you love playing with Swords then Ninjas will be your thing.

Best Ninja Classes

  • Dragon: This class focuses mainly on Dragon Slash, with Dragon Slash as the main ability you have really high damage output and you can clear husks coming in with a single slash.
  • Dim Mak: Dim Mak Mari is one of the best in the game. Her dragon slash combined with the Smoke Bomb deals amazing AOE damage while healing her at the same time. Just dragon slash your way through the enemies and get things done.
  • Shuriken Master: If you love throwing Shurikens on your enemies then this might be the class that you might wanna go for. The Shurikens deal high damage and pierce through enemies, best for killing the mist monsters.

Bonus: Best Mythic Heroe

These can only be obtained from Llamas or Transformation keys. Not easy to obtain but always worth it. I got mine from a Legendary Transformation key that is offered in Canny Valley Quests.

Master Grenadier Ramirez


The amazing AOE of the grenade makes it one of the best in the game, they have such a huge radius that you might even end up cleaning a small encampment with just one grenade. Master Grenadier Ramirez also has amazing Support Squad and Tactical Squad bonuses.

The other two mythic heroes Sword Master Ken and Phase Scout Jess are not good enough at the moment. I hope epic buffs them at some point, else they are only so called mythic at this point.

Do let us know if you like this guide. Comment below if you’d like to add something to the guide. We will be updating this guide, time by time to make that we have listed the best ones out there.