Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Ending Walkthrough Guide

Sword Art Online is yet another RPG title that has released this month, delivered by a well known Tokyo based developer Bandai Namco. The story line is of the game is pretty cool. The third person shooting RPG has climbed on top of the Steam Charts and is getting good reviews all around the web already.

The RPG has various a different kind of quest line where you have to make choices, each choice has its price. If you get somehow stuck in the progression you can watch the videos given below.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Ending Walkthrough

The guide we are writing today will tell you how you can progress in the final mission Fatal Bullet.

In order to get the true ending you have to reach level 4 affection for all the characters in the game including Kirito, Asuna, Simon, Kureha etc.

Update: New information – Now you need Rank 4 75% with the game’s original characters and Rank 2 for the other characters.

  • Choose to save Kureha in the final mission
  • Get all SAO members to Charm 2 at least
  • Now watch all of their event scenes
  • Obtain the amulet after completing the Kirito Mode
  • Make sure that you don’t pass the Main quest that comes up after the Kirito Mode or you would have to complete it once again.
  • Once you have obtained the Amulet, get into the fight with the last boss. After doing it, the quest name will be renamed to “Fatal Bullet” from “Dead all”.

That’s is how you can complete the quest, do let us know if you face any difficulty while progressing in the game.


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