Skip Skyrim Intro New Game Opening Carriage Ride

You might not know, but you can skip the Carriage riding sequence in Skyrim. The game starts with both the Ulfrik Stormcloak and you bound to the carriage, being taken for execution. Since we all know how well Skyrim has stood the test of time for being an awesomely replayable game, it’s quite natural that a lot of people will start new games repeatedly.

Skip Skyrim Intro New Game

Unfortunately, the beginning carriage riding sequence in Skyrim intro can get annoying when played repeatedly. Before writing this post, I calculated the time which it takes for the whole carriage ride to the character creation menu to appear.

In my calculations, it takes around 4 minutes and 42 seconds. That’s almost five minutes of doing nothing and watching the stuff which you have seen zillions of time. And since you already know what’s going to happen next, I don’t think that skipping the Helgen carriage ride will remove something from your overall Skyrim experience.

Now, there are a lot of ways that you can mess with Skyrim. For skipping the Carriage ride, you use two simple methods. Both of them are totally fine and safe. Let’s see how they stack up.

Use the Autosave #001 from Skyrim

You may not have noticed, but Skyrim autosaves the game just before you get to the character creation menu to begin your journey. This means that the first save that this save is the one where carriage ride is completed.

If you ever start a new game, you can simply load this save instead of creating a new game.Every time, this will allow you to jump straight ahead to the character creation menu and save your precious five minutes.

Use the Alternate Start

– Live another Life Mod

The free mod called Alternate Start – Live Another Life which aims to give you the option to skip the lengthy intro carriage sequence at Helgen. The mod requires you to have Official Skyrim Patch or greater along with all three DLCs. You should probably also have the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch, but that isn’t necessary for this to work.

  • First, download the Nexus MOD manager and install it on your PC. Here’s a nice tutorial for configuring NMM.
  • Go to the Alternate Start – Live Another Life mod page and click on Files tab. In the Main files section, click on the green Download with Manager button. This will launch the NMM, and the Alternate start mod will download on your PC.
  • The Alternate Start mod is present in the Gameplay effect and changes category. Right-click on it and select Install and activate.
  • Now, click on Launch Skyrim button on top of the Nexus Mod Manger window. Try a new game this time. The new game opening carriage ride will not show up.

That’s it.