How to Skip Intro Videos in CS: GO in Steam

Skipping intro videos in CS: GO is pretty simple. Whenever you launch CS: GO from a shortcut on the Desktop or from Steam, two intro videos play before you get to the actual game. The two videos are valve.bik and hpe.bik.

The game loads these videos from steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\media\startupvids.txt file. If you open this startupvids.txt, you’ll see


To skip the intro videos from CS: GO, you can either delete these two files or edit the startupvids.txt to remove the references to the two .bik video files. The easiest way is to move the two media files to a different location from their original one. Something like media/tmp/valve.bikand media/tmp/hpe.bik.

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If the files are not present at their designated location, CS: GO will skip the intro videos from playing altogether. One problem with this trick, however, is that you will probably need to repeat this step after updates if Valve decides to update the game files.

One thing that you should also note is that whenever you will try verifying integrity cache of CS: GO, the startupvids.txt will be replaced with the original file from Valve. This also means that moving or deleting valve.bik and hpe.bik is also not the one-shot solution because they too will be downloaded again on verifying integrity cache.

The best solution for you, if you don’t want to mess with system files is to add a command line argument to the launch options for CS: GO.

Valve provides an option called -novid which can be added from Steam launch options to skip intro videos. To add novid to launch options, open Steam and go to your Library > Games. Right-click on Counter Strike: Global Offensive and open its Properties.

In CS: GO properties box, click on Set Launch Options in the General Tab. Type -novids in there and click OK. Click Close on the Properties box. That will ensure that the startup videos won’t ever play again ever.