How To Repair Weapons in Fortnite

There’s a huge learning curve in Fortnite, from understanding mechanics of the game, farming or building. One of the most important things to look out for in the Fortnite Save The World mode is a weapon’s durability. Any of the weapon that is in your arsenal will have a little bar in right side, the usage of the weapon will decay that bar, once the bar is empited your weapon will be broken. You are left with either creating the weapon again or equip some other weapon, and if this happens in between of fighting husks, you are in trouble.

Repair Weapons in Fortnite

Even the game screen says “Weapons don’t last forever. Keep a spare at all times

As of now there’s no option in the game that allows you to repair the weapon. As soon as your weapon breaks, another one will be equipped from your inventory. This is pretty disheartening that the weapon you love cannot be used forever, if you don’t have the schematic, your time is limited.

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If you have the schematic for the weapon you like, you can upgrade it and use it as much as you want as long as you have the resources to craft it.

The theory around for breaking weapons is so that the users use different weapons and there’s no meta formed at any point. This thing might get reworked in the coming months, the Fortnite team is still pushing updates to the game so this might get looked into.

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