Remnant: From The Ashes – Fix Lag, Crashing, No Audio Issue

Remnant: From The Ashes was released only a few hours back, the game is getting a lot of positive reviews already. This might be one of the biggest releases of this year, released just in time when there are no AAA titles to compete with. The update

Remnant: From The Ashes – Fix Lag

Since the game is new and just released it is obvious that some bugs and issues will be introduced, the most common issue being the FPS drops and lags. We have written a full-fledged guide that you can follow to fix the issues that you are facing and boost your fps by a little bit.


The game is not fully optimized yet, there have been numerous reports in the forums. The forums were bombarded on the first day with the lag and fps issues, so is Reddit and steam community. It has been confirmed that the developer team is aware and working on the issues, the update fix will be pushed soon. We will make sure to update it here once the update has been pushed.

For now, it recommended that you lower down your settings to fix the Lag issue.


  • Start the game from Steam
  • Press ALT+TAB
  • Open up Task Manager, right-click on Remnant: From The Ashes process (Remnant: From The Ashes) > Go to details > Right-click again > Set Priority > High.


Nvidia is known for pushing game optimized updates for big titles, Remnant: From The Ashes is certainly a big title and Nvidia did push an optimization update for the game. Make sure to download it from their website or using the Geforce client.

Intel HD users click here, I have no idea if Intel HD Graphics are even capable of running this game or not, but trying won’t hurt. Do let us know if this helps.


Disabling useless applications and services do have a great impact on game performance. Shutting down RAM intensive applications such as Chrome will likely boost your FPS.

You can also remove useless Software from your computer and free up more RAM on your computer.

Do let us know if this guide helped you out, we will be posting more updates related to the game. Waiting for your comments.