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How to Skip Intro Videos in CS: GO in Steam

Skipping intro videos in CS: GO is pretty simple. Whenever you launch CS: GO from a shortcut on the Desktop or from Steam, two intro videos play before you get to the actual game. The two videos are valve.bik and hpe.bik. The game loads these videos from steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\media\startupvids.txt file. If you open this startupvids.txt, you’ll see media/valve.bik […]

Common Game File Storage Locations

Different platforms, Operating systems, and game clients use different file storage locations. What that location is dependent and is known among users. Of course, we shouldn’t assume that everyone knows what they are. So, on this page, I’ll be writing about the places different clients, OS, and games store their files. You can use this page to […]

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