House Party Item Locations Guide

House Party Item Locations Guide – House Party is a early access game that is known for the adventure set in 80s and 90s. The game has been around for a while, released back in 30 Jun, 2017 by EEk! Games. House Party has been doing pretty well in according to the Steam Charts sporting a mostly positive rating across 1354 reviews.

The developer has said that the game will receive timely updates and more quests, more stories, and characters are being worked on.

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House Party Item Locations Guide


  • Spoon on top of the mircowave
  • Bathroom Key on the right side of the sink
  • Sausage and whipped cream in the Fridge. You will also find coffee and Soda in the fridge.

Living Room (Dance Floor)

  • Mysterious Key on top of the mantle
  • Natty Lite behind the speaker

Room with Frank

  • Liquor bottle (choice, always good to go with Rum)
  • Empty Vodka Bottle which can be used at the faucet
  • Thermos


  • Nattle Lite on top of the shelf
  • Jammer on the workbench

Living Room with TV

  • Natty Lite

Computer Room

  • USB Drive on safe
  • SD Card on desk
  • Natty Lite
  • Paper on desk

Bathroom Downstairs

  • Towel

Bathroom in Master Bedroom

  • Cell Phone on top of the sink
  • Pain Killers right behind the bathroom door

Closet in Master Bedroom

  • Visine Eye Drops and Camera on the shelf
  • Diary in safe

Laundary Room

  • Wine on shelf

Patrick, the drunk guy carries the bottle of Merlot Wine. You can get Frank to beat him up so that he drops it. Also, the Girl in the computer room carries Patrick’s phone.