How To Fix Kingdom Come Deliverance FPS Lag Issue

Kingdom Come Deliverance is a newly released game which is hyped up at the moment, the game has raked over 5000 reviews in a period of 48 hours when the game release on Steam. The game is basically yet another RPG where you have to avenge the death of your parents by battling with the invading forces. The best part about the games releasing nowadays being that they are open world, Kingdom Come Deliverance is a full fledged open world RPG battle game set in the Roman Empire Medieval period.

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Since the game is new and just released it is obvious that some bugs and issues will be introduced, most common issue being the FPS drops and lags. We have written a full fledged guide that you can follow to fix the issues that you are facing and boost your fps by a little bit.

Lower Down Your Settings

The game is not fully optimized yet, there have been numerous reports in the forums. The forums were bombarded on the first day with the lag and fps issues so they have to close all the threads and make them into one. It has been confirmed that the developer team is aware and working on the issues, the update fix will be pushed soon. We will make sure to update it here once the update has been pushed.

For now it recommended that you lower down your settings to fix the Lag issue.

Set Game on High Priority

  • Start the game from Steam
  • Press ALT+TAB
  • Open up Task Manager, right click on Kingdom Come process (KingdomComeDeliverance.exe) > Go to details > Right click again > Set Priority > High.

This should boost your performance a little bit depending on what processor and specs your PC has. If this doesn’t do much, try configuring your game using these settings.

The developers on the forum have confirmed that the game is CPU intensive at the moment and they will be pushing the game optimization updates in the coming weeks.


  • Build: Beta
  • Publisher: Warhorse Studious
  • Rating: Mostly Positive
  • Tags: Open World, RPG, Action, Medieval

We do know that people are not happy with the performance they are getting after paying $60 for a game. But the title is still in beta, so there’s the excuse for the developers, we do hope the updates get pushed within the given period of time and all the issues get fixed.