Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition: Lag Issue Fix, Increase FPS

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition: Lag Issue Fix – The game is already well furnished but not for everyone, there are always a few users that are going to face problems with the new generation games. The typical problem is due to their machine being old and not able to handle games requiring more processing or graphic power.

We have already written a guide related to fixing most of the FFXV Errors and the Save game location, you can click on the links to find out.

Final Fantasy XV Low FPS Issue Fix

There are a few workarounds that you can follow to increase your FPS in FFXV

Run the Game in High-Priority Mode

This method has always worked for me, and does generally boost the FPS by almost 10-20 FPS. Even though, this might not be enough for some, but more is good right. Let’s find out how it can be done.

  • Start the game by heading to your Steam Launcher
  • Click on Library and right click on the “Final Fantasy XV”
  • Click on Set Launch Options button and type “-high” and save the settings.

This setting will start your game in high priority mode every time. Better than doing it manually again and again. Don’t try changing it to real-time, this might freeze your PC and you might have to restart it.

Update Your Drivers

Nvidia is known for pushing game optimized updates for big titles, FFXV is certainly a big title and Nvidia did push an optimization update for the game. Make sure to download it from their website or using the Geforce client.

Intel HD users click here, I have no idea if Intel HD Graphics are even capable of running this game or not, but trying won’t hurt. Do let us know if this helps.

Disable Useless Applications

Disabling useless applications and services does have a great impact on the game performance. Shutting down RAM intensive applications such as Chrome will likely boost your FPS.

You can also remove useless Software from your computer and free up more RAM on your computer.

Do let us know if this guide helped you out, we will be posting more updates related to the game. Waiting for your comments.

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