Doki Doki Literature Club Endings

Doki Doki Literature Club All Endings – Doki Doki Literature Club (DDLC) is a visual novel developed by Salvato. The game goes through different acts where a player is supposed to make choices. A player is also supposed to see every character’s CG. Doki Doki is yet another game like House Party where the choices you make will change the storyline that follows.

Doki Doki Literature Club Endings

If you have completed your first playthrough of DDLC, you will realized that it has alternative endings. The endings can be classified as Normal, Good and quick. This article will talk about how to get the ending that you are looking for. 

Normal Ending

This is the first type of ending. And this is the ending that most of the players get to meet in their first playthroughs. This is where the players realize that there can be alternate endings to this game. This ending happens when the player fails to spend time with all the girls in Act 1.

During the Act 4, things begin to change, once Saiyori shows up and addresses the player, thanking them for deleting Monika.

By this point of time, Monika had realized that any person who falls for president will become self aware. This self awareness will make them understand the DDLC is a game. And that, all the girls are being controlled by someone else. By the player.

This is the reason why Monika deletes everything as the credits roll. As, the credits continue, player can hear Monika’s song ‘Your reality’. After the song, the player’s screen flashes with a note that Monika leaves.

Good Ending

This ending appears if a player successfully obtains all the nine CGs. Three for Yuri, three for Natuski, three for Saiyori. This can be achieved y creating poems for them. As well as obtaining Monika’s Act 3 CG.

This ending can be achieved by saving the poems from the very first poem. Or by making all the poems specific to one girl. If you do that, then after Saiyori’s suicide, you can go back to first poem and save it. Then repeat the same process with every other girl.

After Natuski, Saiyori, Yuri’s CGs are seen, player can resume the game normally. One must also be careful of the fact they don’t delete Monika too early in Act 3.

After Monika restarts the game without herself present in it. Saiyori will gain the knowledge that Monika had. Saiyori will come up to the player screen and will thank the player for trying to make all girls happy. This will be the good ending.

After this ending, the player will receive an Email from the developer.

Monika’s Quick ending

If Monika’s character file is deleted before starting a new game in Act 1 as explained earlier. Saiyori will realize that she is trapped inside a game. She will delete all the files and all the other Character graphics. She will delete herself, as well.

If the player opens th game at this point, instead of the usual homepage and Main menu. A black screen will show up, after 10 minutes ‘End’ will be written on it with Saiyori hanging to death in the background.

After 10 minutes, another message will appear, saying, “Now, everyone can be happy.”