CSGO Ranks – Competitive Skill Groups Explained

CSGO Ranks are skill based ranking that are calibrated through by the skill of the player, CSGO utilizes the Elo based system to determine the ranking group of a player. Depending on the rating, you will be matched up with the players of the similar elo/skills as yourself. The algorithm used by Valve for calculating the exact ranking is not known/not publicly available on the web. Every player who joins the game has to play at least 10 games in order to display his/her rank.

How CSGO Ranks Work?

There are several theories around but the exact method that Valve uses to determine the ranking is still unknown. It’s simple to understand, if you win your games you will rank up, if you lose consecutive games you will derank. The system has been put in place so that higher skill group matches up with their level, and the lower skill group matches with their own.

There are a few theories around such which affect your elo such as better aim, better spray pattern, impact frags, bomb defuse, bomb plants etc. There are also some people who say that if you 1v3, or 1v4 that actually boosts your elo by a lot, but all of these are theories and the real algorithm used by valve is secret.

CSGO Ranks

There are 18 skill groups in Global Offensive, the highest being Global Elite and the lowest being Silver 1. The rank is unlocked after you have played 10 competitive matches on Valve Matchmaking service.

Full list of ranks shown below.

How To Rank Up in CS:GO

You just have to play better in order to rankup in this game. Just improve your aim, watch pro matches and improve your game sense. Work on the possibilities of what the enemy might do and play according to that. Some people choose hacking over all this, but they end up getting VAC Banned.

Just by improving your gameplay you cannot win in this game, there’s a reason why it is called a 5v5 game. Team coordination is very important factor in winning alongwith the utility of the team. Below are a few reasons how you can improve your game.

Aim – Adjust your sensitivity, play a lot of deathmatch. Practice using aimbotz by Ulletical map that you can download from the Steam Community. Work on your reflexes, try aiming for the head and always burst fire at long ranges.

Be a good team mate – Always work with team, this is a team game, you are going to win as a team. You cannot 1v5 every round. So coordinate with the team, tell them what you are going to do this round. Drop weapons for your team mates, flash for them. Be a good team mate.

Utility Usage – If you have been playing this game for a long time, you must have already heard of the work cyka Rush B. What are you going to do when there’s a rush? – Just throw a molly on their way out to the site and the rush will be denied, or in other case the enemy will be damaged. Use smokes to deny information, flashes to blind your enemies. Learn pop flashes for different maps. There’s a huge learning curve to it, different maps have different smokes, pop flashes, tricky wallbangs. If you are a Counter Terrorist it is very important for you to hold utility else you can get run over by 5 terrorists at once, and all of you can’t hold it because you have to split your defenses all the time.

Use Your Mic – It’s 2018, everyone has a mic nowadays. Don’t be that guy who doesn’t give calls and makes the game harder for their team mates. Always use the mic to give proper calls.


Counter Strike:Global Offensive is a team game, if there are trolls or griefers in your team, then let it go. It’s only a game, don’t be toxic towards them because that will only frustrate you. Always mute the guys who abuse and are toxic, always report the hackers and cheaters. Ignore taunts given by the opposite team, never call the opposite team hackers, it only boosts their confidence.

As said earlier, it’s just a game. Games are made for fun, enjoy the game and don’t get frustrated because of it. Unless you are going to play some tournament.