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Warframe Trading Guide – Tradable Items, Process, Lingo & Trade Tax

The best part of this game which I like is Trading, today’s guide will be based on enlightening everyone regarding Warframe Trading. The word trading is self explanatory, there’s not much to add to it. In Warframe, two tenno can exchange parts for platinum with one another. Maximum of 5 parts or minimum of 1 […]

Warframe Index Credit Farming – Best Ways to Farm Credits

Credits play a really important role in the game, platinum and credits are required to make progress in the game. You need platinum to buy slots, credits to craft stuff such as weapons, warframe and other important things in the game. Even some quests require credits. Warframe Credit Farming There is a lot of information […]

Warframe Mastery Rank Test Guide – Ranking Up

Warframe Mastery Rank is a relative number that helps track the progress a player has made in the game. The mastery points are gained by leveling up weapons, frames, companions or Archwings. You can view your mastery rank by pressing the ESC button and hovering over your avatar, the rank will show up right below […]

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