How to Breed Legendary Monsters in Monster Legends 2019

How to Breed Legendary Monsters in Monster Legends – Multiple perspectives role-playing game consists of a number of activities ready set for the player. Other than the activities, the main essence of the game lies in breeding the most powerful army of monsters.

The game has many different aspects and all of them are important to be achieved. But, at the end of the game holds you a winner if you have bred the strongest beast. There can be many reasons understood behind breeding these monsters.

If you don’t have a well-curated army of monsters, you won’t be able to stand against our game-enemies. Who are these enemies? They range from the computer controlled pests to the multiplayer competitions.

It is important before you start making your army that you know how to make an army. This means that you need to know the different ways to breed monsters. And, in order to know that you need to know about different elements of the game.

How to Breed Legendary Monsters in Monster Legends

In this article, we will discuss the different breeding processes and how breeding can be done in order to achieve your desired monsters.


The process of breeding a beast from a formidable combination of two similar or different breeds is not a big deal.

First, you need to select a breeding mountain for the pairing to take place. It will be located on your island near the hatchery. Once you click on breed option, you will be shown the possible list of your monsters. You will have to choose two of them.

Once the breeding starts, it will be over in some time and you will receive an egg. Next, you have to click on ‘Take egg’ button and it will be placed in the hatchery. Afterward. A countdown timer will appear which will show the duration of the hatching process.

Once the egg is hatched and the monster is created. It becomes your choice to keep it in your habitat or sell it to someone.

If you breeding a single element. That monster may be very strong against the other elements but very weak against his own. If you breed two different elements, the monster may turn to be very balanced or very weak.


This is the list of breeding that will show what results may appear of out the elemental breedings that you can try.

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MonsterMonsterResult Monster
ErphamDrop Elemental=>Goldfield
RazfeeshDrop Elemental=>Lord Of The Atlantis


MonsterMonsterResult MonsterResult Monster
GenieMersnake=>Drop Elemental
UtochompLight Sphinx=>Fayemelina
Light SphinxPyrook=>ScorchpegorSkipples
Light SphinxPyrook=>DuchessorTerracrank


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